ETP Funded Training for Companies

Employment Training Panel (ETP)

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ETP is a California state agency designed to fund training to meet the needs of employers for skilled workers and the need of workers for good, long-term jobs. The program is provided to California employers for their employees and funds up to 100% of the cost for training at approved schools.

Studio Arts is a high-end ETP training provider for film, TV, game and other entertainment production and support companies. Studio Arts offers its training for companies seeking to keep pace with a rapidly-changing entertainment industry.

Instruction is delivered by subject matter experts who are professionals working in the industry. Training is LIVE, online and in Zoom or can be done at your company.

If your company is interested in participating and having its employees do from 8 to 200 hours of no-cost ETP training, feel free to call 323.227.8776, or email us at


- Companies must be California-based and have a valid CEAN number (call for details.)
- Trainees can participate in only one ETP contract at a time. They must be clear of any other ETP contracts.
- Trainees must be full-time, W-2 employees and California residents working for a Participating Employer.
- Trainees must earn the equivalent of $22.66 per hour (or greater if outside LA County.)
- Trainees must commit to a minimum of 8 hours (and are able to do up to 200 hours) of training.
- Trainees must be actively training to remain in ETP with no gaps in training in excess of 90 days.
- Trainees are able to do more than 90 days of training as long as training is contiguous (no gaps of 90+ days.)
- Trainees must submit their employment status before, during and 90 days following their last day of training.
- Companies must be willing to verify employment and retention of trainees doing ETP.


  • Age of Learning
  • Angels Baseball
  • Artisan Pictures
  • AV Squad
  • Ayzenberg Group
  • Bento Box
  • CGLA, Inc.
  • Cognition Corp
  • Company 3 / Method
  • Cosa VFX
  • Creative Character Engineering
  • D Before E
  • Daniels Engraving
  • DeRouchey Urethane Creations
  • Designing Manufacturing Inst.
  • DNEG - Double Negative
  • Dreamworks Animation
  • FOX Entertainment
  • FOX Sports
    • Framestore
    • Gentle Giant Studios
    • Halon Entertainment (Pending)
    • Hasbro
    • Hotstrike Studio
    • Ingenuity Studios
    • InSync Plus
    • Ironhead Studios
    • Jakks Pacific
    • Khaos Digital
    • KNB EFX Group
    • KOVR-TV / CBS
    • KPIX-TV / CBS
    • Laundry Design
    • Legacy Effects
    • Lionsgate
    • Mattel, Inc.
    • MGA Entertainment
    • Mural Makers
    • Pixwel
    • Powerhouse Animation
    • Pretty In Plastic
    • Proof, Inc.
    • Ranker, Inc.
    • Renegade Animation
    • Reveal Studio
    • Shadow Machine
    • Sideshow Inc.
    • Six Point Harness
    • Spectral Motion
    • Standardvision
    • Stoopid Buddy Stoodios
    • Streamland Media
    • The CW Network
    • The Third Floor
    • Titmouse
    • Unbroken Studios (Pound Sand)
    • Vibrant Penguin
    • Zambezi


    - Student Form: If your company has been accepted for ETP at Studio Arts, click here: Employee Form (PDF)

    - Company Form: If your company would like to participate in ETP with Studio Arts, click here: Company Form (DOC)

    - Not on the list? If your company is not on the list and is interested in ETP, call 323.227.8776 or email for assistance.