Directing for Film/TV 2

Christ Gossett - Directing


Directing 2. This is the 2nd piece of the puzzle. In the first Directing workshop you learned what a director does as the conductor of a production's "orchestra" of talent. It's caught your interest. Maybe YOU can do this. So now, if you are hungry for more (and you know you are,) this workshop is even more essential. It's intensive. It goes deeper. It will challenge you. This class focuses on what it takes for you to become a good director. Directing for Film and TV 2 continues to build on what YOU need to know to be the best director you can be.

You will learn to analyze and identify what needs to be developed or changed in the project per your vision. You will learn how to bring about necessary change as an effective communicator... and how to be clear on details to actors and different departments that will depend on your leadership and direction - both on set and behind the scenes. Most importantly, you'll understand how you, as a successful director, can get the best out of your cast and crew - at every stage of your production's development, from pre to principal to post.

Instructor Chris Gossett has already introduced you to what a director needs to know to get started on this path. Taking this class not only enhances what you've already learned - but takes you to the next level for directing a successful production... and being the best director you can be.

About the instructor: Since landing his first pro comics job (creating, writing, drawing and lettering) when he was nineteen, Christian Gossett has had an eye for good stories. He has directed award winning plays and short films, in-game cinematics for Activision, a multi-million dollar animated feature, and episodes of network television for the CW.

Prerequisite: Directing for Film and TV. A working knowledge of script or story development and familiarity with animation, film and TV development or production is a plus.

Class Length: 15 hours

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Christian Gossett
Price: $750.00
Saturdays 4:30pm - 8:15pm 6/1 to 6/22/24
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