UE 175 - Stage Ops with ICVFX

Virtual Art Department Workshop


From live action with LED and greenscreens, the use of mocap, virtual sets, set extensions, lighting and the use of camera for ICVFX and other ops, Stage Operations are a key component of the Virtual Production pipeline.

This hands-on, one-day workshop demonstrates the various uses of a game engine (using Epic Games' Unreal Engine) for operating a stage in a live environment. Multiple machines and tracking devices along with the use of Unreal Engine assets work as one to render on a greenscreen or LED wall. On set are personnel such as the DP, director and editor who work together to modify the scene in Unreal.

The class is online in Zoom, but if you sign up for it you are also invited to join the instructor at the Arrow Studios stages in Sun Valley, CA. Discussed and demonstrated in Stage Ops will be the different techniques for solving problems and achieving optimal stage operation conditions for successful shoots!

Prerequisite: A basic, working knowledge of Unreal Engine or equivalent is highly recommended, but NOT required.

To sign up for this class, email registration@studioarts.com with the name of the class and your contact information.

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Brandon Thompson
Price: $400.00
Saturday (One Full Day) 9:00am - 5:30pm 7/22/23
SKU: UE 175