Unreal Engine (Sequencer)

Unreal Engine - Sequencer


Unreal Engine's Sequencer is a multi-track visual editing system that is used for creating and editing sequences, shots and sound in real time, with splicing and playback features like other, modern edit bays used in film and television production.

For film, TV, animation, games, themed attraction fly-throughs and other projects, Sequencer gives you the ability to create cinematics and other real time assets by creating level sequences in your Unreal project. Sequencer allows you to add tracks, determine the makeup of each track, and helps the user manipulate the content for shots and scenes.

Tracks can consist of things like visual effects, character animation, lighting and camera, environmental transformations such as day to night, sunny to rain and much more.

Prerequisite: Unreal 101 class or an equivalent, basic knowledge of Unreal Engine.

Class Length: 15 hours

For those signing up for this class through a WIOA grant or other funding, email registration@studioarts.com with the name of the class and your contact information.

(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)

Philip Donahue
Price: $750.00
Saturdays 12:30pm - 4:15pm 3/30 to 4/20/24
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