Unity 101

Unity 101


The Unity Engine is powering a new revolution in media convergence. Already a leading tool for video game and cross-platform app development, Unity is becoming an industry standard for the next generation of games, virtual reality, augmented reality and motion picture pre-visualization. From iPhone and Android to Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Vive, HoloLens and GearVR, Unity3D is pushing the newest frontiers of immersive media and interactive entertainment.

Beginning with Unity's most fundamental concepts and basic interfaces, this course uses hands-on projects and practical real-world demonstrations to introduce, present and explore the principles and tools of rapid development, multimedia authoring, immersive world-building, coding, scripting and interactive automation using Unity3D and the C# programming language.

Unity 101 is a gentle introduction to the tools, language and technology driving many of today's most exciting new media experiences. The class builds on students’ most basic computer skills, but requires no other pre-requisite classes or development experience. Previous experience in 3D modeling, animation, graphics, authoring, design tools or programming languages are all applicable and welcome, but are not expected nor required.

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of the computer.

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Milton Mariscal
Price: $750.00
Sundays 4:30pm - 8:15pm 10/4 to 11/22/20
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