Digital Storyboarding


A storyboard is the blueprint of a film and every other facet of animation revolves around it. It requires good draftsmanship, acting skills and layout abilities. This is a two topic class, so students will learn the fundamental shots used in storyboarding and when and why they are used, as well as how to do all this in Storyboard Pro.

The class will cover Drawing tools, both Vector and Bitmap, Layers, Customizing the interface and Preferences, Mapping Brushes to Layers, Importing and working with 3D assets as well as using the 3d camera in Storyboard Pro and manipulating those assets.

Finally, there will be three assignments which will give students the chance to put the teachings into practice. If you're an artist who doesn't know how to storyboard yet or if you're a storyboard artist who needs to learn Storyboard Pro this class is for you.

Storyboard Pro has become an essential storyboarding tool throughout the industry at studios such as Fox, MGM, Film Roman, Disney TV and Warner Bros. Now you can learn to make Storyboard Pro a great asset in your skill set, not just required knowledge!

Prerequisite: None, but basic knowledge of the computer is highly recommended.

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(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)
Evening Class: Instructed Lab 6:15pm-7pm, Lecture 7pm-10pm

Mike Milo
Price: $750.00
Wednesdays 6:15 - 10:00pm 3/30 to 5/18/22
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