Game Design 101

Game Design 101


Have you ever looked at a video game and wondered how that was created? Have you ever wanted to learn how to create one and wanted a easy way to do it? If so then this class is for you.

This class will cover all the basics in video game creation using Epic Games Unreal Engine. It will start with the assumption that you know nothing about Game Design and the steps it takes to make a video game. You will start by creating the Game Design with the instructor and going from a simple game idea on paper to an actual game in Unreal Engine.

By the end of this class you will be able to create a environment for your character to move around in and interact with other objects in the game.

This class is for anyone who has little to no experience with Game Design or Game Development. Any one can take this class as long as you want to learn and have fun doing it.

Software used:
- Unreal Engine (Epic Games.)
- Maya (You do not need to know how to use them. We might use them to make very simple objects.)
- Photoshop (You do not need to know how to use it. We might use them to make very simple textures.)

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Unreal Engine (Epic Games)

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(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)

Milton Mariscal
Price: $750.00
Wednesdays 6:15 - 10:00pm 3/30 to 5/18/22
SKU: GAM 101 (UE)