CG Modeling 101 (Blender Assets)

Blender Asset Building


Over the last two years, Epic Games has been actively streamlining the asset movement between Blender and Unreal Engine (UE). This hands-on course covers several key Blender-to-UE workflows for asset creation including the free add-ons, such as the UE to Rigify toolkit, created by Epic Games to facilitate the flow of assets between Blender and UE.

You will learn how to use Blender to model props and environmental assets. These assets will be made ready for export through the Blender-to-Unreal Engine pipeline for use in a UE game level. Come see why Blender-to-UE asset workflows are the hottest things on the block for CG artists!

Prerequisites: Blender 101 & Unreal Engine 101 or a basic knowledge of either.

About the Instructor: Daniel Krafft is a multimedia designer, product designer and chief instructor at Design School Online. He is a regular contributor to Blender tutorials and topics on his youtube channel.

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Price: $750.00
Fridays - 6:15 - 10:00pm 5/14 to 7/2/21
SKU: MOD 150