ZBrush with Photoshop

ZBrush with Photoshop

So you’ve been sculpting some rad creatures and characters in Z Brush, AWESOME!

Turntables are cool, but screenshots are lame. Let’s give our creations a little more love and bring high quality effects and design iterations!

In the entertainment industry, digital sculptors use multiple programs to push their designs and final presentations. This class covers several techniques in ZBrush with Photoshop from sculpting to lighting, all the way to final presentation. Combine these two programs to gain new skills for design solutions and leave with professional portfolio pieces.

Topics covered in ZBRUSH:
- Hyper-realistic Polypainting
- Lighting Strategies
- Rendering
- UV Maps
- Texture Maps

Topics covered in PHOTOSHOP:
- Hand Painted Textures
- Photo manipulated textures
- Compositing Render Passes
- Advanced Masking
- Adding JUICY effects
- Design Iterations

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of ZBrush, Photoshop and the Wacom tablet & pen.

To sign up for this class, email registration@studioarts.com with the name of the class and your contact information.

ETP Students: Also complete & attach this form (PDF)
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(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)
Weekly Class: A half hour of labtime before and after lecture.

James Cha
Price: $1,500.00
Sat 4pm-7pm 1/27-3/17
SKU: ZB 225