Intro to VR/AR - Immersive Media

VR Production

VR is here and it's going to be BIG! Virtual Reality is expected to be the next wave in entertainment, education, science and architectural visualization according to most of those who follow trends in the industry.

This class is designed to be an intro into immersive media, giving both an overview of and a path for those interested in starting to create content for this rapidly growing field. Through a number of hands on demos with 3 or 4 different speakers VR will be covered, history, hardware tools and production pipelines . Full dome work will also be demonstrated and talked about as well as AR and interactivity in live immersive performances. Given time the students will create a simple VR project and be shown how to upload it to the web.

Don't miss out on this seminar/workshop to get the start you need in this new, fast, and developing technology!

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of the computer.

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(Note: class includes both Lecture and Instructed Lab)
Sat/Sun: 15 hrs - Lecture 10am-5pm / Instructed Lab available

Michael Woods
Price: $750.00
1 Week: 
Sat-Sun 10a-5p 6/23-6/24
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