ZBrush - Rapid Prototyping

ZBrush - Rapid Prototyping

This class is designed for those looking to use ZBrush for rapid prototyping and 3D printing. As a tool, ZBrush has a wide range of applications, from design to production, and thus different specialized approaches within the program. In this particular class, we will explore the best ways to create a printable model either for toys, merchandising, maquette production or large scale fabrication.

Students will choose a project at the beginning of the course which will be developed throughout the weeks alongside our lectures and lessons, exploring work flows to deal with both organic and hard surface sculpting.

This includes translating 2D reference into a fully "print ready" rendered digital sculpt. Along the way you will learn my approaches to both organics (body, hair, clothing, etc) as well as hard-surface sculpting (armor, weapons, robots, and vehicles), all specific to creating 3D prints. As part of the class, the student will get a glimpse into the actual production world, learning for example how to create objects that will work well for mold departments.

The classes will begin with a short review followed by a lecture, then the second part of the class will allow the student to apply these new techniques and work on their projects in class, with direction and feedback on their project from the me and the TA.

At the end of the term the instructor will refer the students to several printer vendors, both local and out of state, which may even enable the class to have actual 3D prints at the end of the class!

Prerequisite: ZBrush 101 or equivalent knowledge.

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(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)
Weekly Class: A half hour of labtime before and after lecture.

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Sat 4-7pm 7/8-8/26
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