Mac OS - Overview

Mac OS - Overview

Please note: This is a 2 week / 4 class meetings workshop.

macOS, née OS X, is a technologically advanced operating used by a lot of productions, especially in their creative departments, so it is a good idea to learn more about what this 64-bit operating system can do for you, and maybe even get a better understanding on how and why it works the way it does.

Start by learning how you get basic things done, like organizing, transferring & previewing files, but more importantly then learn how to do it efficiently!

While Apple does a good job of giving the freedom to their users to freely & intuitively fumble their way through using macOS at a basic level, they do not always clearly communicate the many "hidden" tools, shortcuts and settings that are actually what makes it great in the eyes of long-time power users.

Once past the basics, in this workshop you will learn about many of these advanced capabilities that you may not even know existed. Learn how to get the most of the built-in tools and utilities without always having to depend on installing (and paying!) for third-party applications.

Time permitting you will also learn about:
- the basics of iCloud & how macOs is connected to iOS
- truly free 3rd-party tools to enhance your new workflow
- some Terminal & command-line essentials
- perhaps even a bit of automation & scripting.

No matter what you will walk from this class with a better knowledge of macOS capabilities and how to get the most out of them, whether you adapt most of this knowledge or just the parts that work for you.

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of the computer. You will do all the above in special sandbox account so you can freely experiment without having to worry about accidentally altering something important.

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(Note: classes include both lecture and instructed lab)
Evening Class: Instructed Lab 6:15pm-7pm, Lecture 7pm-10pm

Instructor: Pascal Ludowissy

Price: $750.00
Mon & Wed 7-10pm 1/8/18-1/17/18
SKU: MAC 101