Intro to Digital Storyboarding

Digital Storyboarding

Please note: This is a 2 week / 4 class meetings workshop.

A storyboard is the blueprint of a film and every other facet of
animation production revolves around it. Storyboarding requires good draftsmanship, acting skills and layout abilities.

This class covers an overview of storyboard history, the skills required to be a storyboard artist, the six essential ingredients of storyboarding, why digital storyboarding makes the process easier, the basics of storyboarding, shots used and why they're used, stages of storyboarding, thumbnail, rough and cleanup.

In addition, lessons will be covered for the Principles of Animation: staging, anticipation, and overlapping action as well as tips and tricks. There will be homework assignments (which, YES you will be required to do!). The software program used for this class is Sketchbook Pro.

Prerequisite: You MUST have a basic understanding of drawing to take this class. In animation, you can not storyboard if you can not draw.

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Mike Milo
Price: $750.00
Mon & Wed 7-10p 1/7-1/16
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