Adobe Premiere Pro 201

Adobe Premiere Pro 201

Educational Objectives:
Upon the completion of the course, the student will have intermediate to advanced knowledge of all of the tools in the Premiere interface, including a detailed understanding of proper post-production workflow for professional applications, knowledge of all timeline editing tools, key framing and fully controlling the parameters of multiple effects, combining other applications - like DaVinci Resolve, After Effects, and Audition into the Premiere workflow, and a thorough overview of sound.

This secondary course has been tailored for those with a leg-up on Premiere editing, but who want to get more out of the application. On the first class, which will be an intensive review of curriculum covered in the 101 course, the class will help decide on curriculum items they'd like to see included. Other than those, we will discuss advanced methods of editing, including three-four point editing, trim editing mode, and advanced use of track highlighting functions, command keys, and advanced metadata solutions.

We will then discuss in greater detail using effects - starting with a crash course on key framing audio, opacity, and motion, then chroma key, masking, sound equalization, compression, using adjustment layers, learning about surround sound and other sound formats, and much more. We will take trips into DaVinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Audition, to see how we can create the professional piece using an ecosystem of post-production applications. This will also allow us to look at dynamic linking. We will discuss the history and theory of editing, using editing techniques of the continuity editing system, soviet montage, and documentary. Over the course of the class we will look at several different projects - including a short narrative scene, a music video, and a documentary. This will allow us to apply what we've learned to miniature editing exercises.

Lastly, we will discuss final mastering and best formats for theatrical/festival distribution, etc.

Prerequisite: Premiere Pro 101 or equivalent knowledge

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Michael Woods
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